Guest Expert: Zachariah Peterson

How Can Design Engineers Solve EMI/EMC at the PCB Design Phase?

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PCB design is one of the main areas where EMI problems start to arise, and this is often due to the component placement, routing, and grounding implemented in the PCB layout. Therefore, design engineers should take steps to identify potential EMI problems early and take steps to solve these EMI issues before EMC compliance testing.

What You'll Gain:

This recorded webinar, led by experienced PCB design expert Zachariah, equips you with:

How stackup and routing influence EMI ?
  How grounding strategies can prevent common EMI problems ?
 Common mistakes involving ground, enclosures, cables, and shielding.
Proven lessons learned from 10+ years of experience in PCB design
Sneak-Peak into the new EMC solution tool in the market to reduce manual hours of EMI troubleshooting.

With Zachariah, gain actionable EMC insights that can elevate your PCB design practice to new heights, utilising foundational principles that have contributed to his remarkable success.

This recording is ideal for:

  • Design engineers aiming for professional development & looking for latest EMC tools.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their PCB design expertise in the competitive electronics industry
  • Want to know how a new tool in the market solves EMC issues at design level ?

Watch the recording now and:

  • Uncover the secrets of successful PCB design practices.
  • Learn how to overcome EMI issues before they arise.
  • Gain valuable insights from an industry expert.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your PCB design skills to the next level.



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Webinar Host


Rahul Jaglan

Growth Manager at Mitai

Our webinar host is a multifaceted individual who brings a unique blend of engineering knowledge and marketing finesse to the table. Previously worked on KUKA robots to scaling complex SaaS products in market, Rahul Jaglan is currently handling all marketing & customer success activities at Mitai by TDK.

Industry Experts


Zachariah Peterson

Renowned Author & Speaker

Zachariah is a well-known PCB design expert, electronics design consultant, and dynamic speaker. He works with industry-leading ECAD/EDA software companies, electronics manufacturers, and OEMs providing technical consulting, strategy, and deeply technical content. He is also a contributor to popular publications in the electronics industry and top-tier research journals.